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Welcome to Plymouth Congregational Church

Plymouth Congregational Church is a lively, open-minded spiritual community of 2,000 members welcoming all people and all families. We are spiritual, loving, relevant and transforming.  

Committed to social action since our founding in 1857, Plymouth extends compassion to communities near and far, engages today’s issues in light of tradition and embraces the change we want to see. Grounded in the Christian faith, we nurture thoughtful approaches to spirituality in children, youth and adults.

The church, located between LaSalle and Nicollet Avenues and Groveland and Franklin Avenues, at the southern edge of downtown Minneapolis, draws worshippers from around the Twin Cities metro area.

Learn more about our Plymouth identity, expressed through four core words.

Questions about Plymouth? Please fill out this form and you will receive a response within a couple of days.

Recent meeting minutes are available for Deacons, Leadership Council and Boards. If you don't find what you seek, contact Allison Campbell Jensen, or 612/977-1269.

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Life at Plymouth

Come to Sunday worship: Sanctuary service, 10:30 a.m.
First Service, especially for young families, 9:50 a.m.

Location and parking

Rev. Dr. Carla J. Bailey is our new Senior Minister. Carla Bailey is a strong and energetic spiritual leader who weaves together pastoral and prophetic roles. You may listen to preach via our sermons page. View her bio here.

This Wednesday, Oct. 7, 6 p.m., Plymouth hosts a prayer service for the Mother Emanuel 9 and others killed by gun violence. This is one of the every Wednesday prayer services of remembrance, repentance and hope for healing. Different faith communities host each week; please click the link for the schedule.

"One Family, One Table " is our theme for the 2016 Annual Giving Campaign.

Update on Plymouth's financial situation: To fill an unexpected gap in our budget, a special appeal letter, which you may read here, was mailed to Plymouth's members and supporters on Aug. 3. Please consider contributing a special gift over and above your pledge to reduce this gap. To contribute, you may mail a check to the church, go online to our Giving page, or text a dollar amount (min. $5) to 612/999-2874 (#special). If you choose to text, you will be asked for contact and credit-card information only the first time.

Online Church School registration

Choir School registration online

The 2015 Annual Report is posted as a PDF here. Board members who were elected at the meeting are introduced in this online booklet (PDF).

Rainbow flag Plymouth is an Open and Affirming Congregation. We welcome the LGBT community into the full life and ministry of the church.

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New governance materials are online.

Give or pledge to our capital campaign, Foundations for Our Future. Pledge online or learn more, watch the Foundations video or the Sharing Plymouth video or the Third Sunday video or read the capital campaign goals, statement and Q&A.

In case of inclement weather, please use your best judgment. Our building closing and cancellation policy is here.

Make an Online Contribution: Point to "Giving" above.



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